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Other People’s Bookshelves #53 – Geoff Whaley

Originally posted on Savidge Reads:
Hello and welcome to the latest Other People’s Bookshelves post. If you haven’t seen it before this is a series of posts set to feed into the filthy book lust/porn and either give you a…

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Is an Auto-Biography Self Indulgent or Boring?

After two days in front of the computer screen my About page is now titled ‘Run of the Mill Biography’. There are 6,442 words. And they’re all about me. As soon as I published it I was hit by the … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday

I am thirty-two today. Thirty-two. I keep referring to it as ‘chick-lit’ age; by this I mean the paperbacks I ripped my way through in my early twenties that all revolved around women who were thirty-two years old and had glorious careers … Continue reading

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Problems of Cream Cheese and Glycollic Significance

The highlight of the day came when I decided on a carpe diem approach to curing the make-up defying red patches that have taken residence on my face with a mask made of cream cheese and fresh lemon juice. It … Continue reading

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Can My Sister Even Read?

During a FaceTime chat with my sister on Friday I asked her to read my recent blog post. She squinted at her screen when the page loaded. She haltingly read out the post title and as her eyes flickered to … Continue reading

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