My 2014 Reading Challenge


In the last few years I have noticed that when I see people reading, I am hit by an childish sense of rageful envy; wherever they are and whatever they’re reading, I can sense their abandon of the rest of the world. I walked or drove to work so didn’t have a commute to read on, and after work activities – noble pursuits of housework and ‘organising myself’ quickly descended into slumming on the sofa while the TV shouted at me.

The only times I really read were from the moment we turned up at airport and then as soon as  we had gathered all the books we planned to read in a single week, I would binge until the last book of the holiday had been read, usually dragging it into the afternoon or the next morning of our arrival home. Then I would close the book/switch off the app (I have only recently started to use the Kindle iPad app and have to say it’s really not as emotionally distant as I had thought it would be) and vow to read as much now that i am home. Of course I never did.

I read all the time as a teenager, a possibly pretentious attachment to books that were written anything longer than twenty years ago, which has helped as a backdrop as there’s no way I’d now plough through A Clockwork Orange. I’m less patient, more fussy, and need to be hooked much faster than as a teenager when I’d read anything and lose whole evenings to the pages. Aah, it makes me nostalgic thinking of it…

In an attempt to fix this, I created a New Year’s Resolution that would mean I would have to read more, namely to read a book with a title for each letter of the alphabet. Three months into the year, this is going okay so far I think…


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